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I have spent over 6 years in the e cig industry and I can help you make a smart decision about electronic cigarettes. If you are looking for good information and a balanced honest perspective on e cigs you have come to the right place! Click here for the best brands of e cigarettes according to consumer reports and the BBB

Electronic cigarettes come in a wide variety of nicotine concentrations and flavors and styles. You can get a non nicotine electronic cigarette or e cigarettes with lots of nicotine, depending on your unique preferences.

This site can help you compare brands and find the right brand of e cigarettes for you. If you are interested in using e cigarettes because you are curious and just want to use them for fun, and you do not want to get addicted to nicotine, then you should obviously start by looking for a non nicotine electronic cigarette. If you are interested in using e cigarettes to quit smoking then most people start out with e cigs with that have a high concentration of nicotine and gradually reduce the amount of nicotine over time.

How cigarettes without nicotine or tobacco work

Sometimes people ask me, where can I buy e cigarettes? I tell them there are a number of different places. YOU can buy e cigarettes AND get help choosing the right electronic cigarette here on this site.

Non nicotine electronic cigarettes and regular e cigs come in lots of different flavors and many different styles. Most people who use e cigs strictly for fun prefer non nicotine electronic cigarettes. Smokers trying to kick the habit usually use e cigs that have High/medium/low levels of nicotine.

I am a huge fan or e cigarettes and used e cigs to quit smoking. I started out using e cigarettes with high levels of nicotine, and gradually reduced the amount of nicotine in the e cigarettes I was ‘ smoking ‘ . E cigarettes with nicotine are easy to find. EVERY brand out there sells electronic cigarettes with nicotine. However, some brands DO NOT sell non nicotine electronic cigarettes.

I experimented with different flavors of e cigarettes after I kicked my nicotine addiction until I found the right flavor for me. There are lots of different flavors of e cigarettes out there. Every brand has unique flavor offerings. I suggest that you try a few different flavors to see what works for you.

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There are a TON of brands out there and a TON of scams. You need to be careful!!! DON’T GET RIPPED OFF!!!!

There are a lot of e cigarette brands out there that are unsafe. I would urge you to only think about buying the best electronic cigarettes. This section of our site covers many common questions people ask BEFORE they buy e cigarettes.

If you are ready to buy e cigarettes then I suggest you go to the highest rated e cigarette section of this website. Here you will find the best e cig for you.

I do not promote any one brand, so you can trust the advice on this site. I will tell you those brands that are good, and you can pick the brand that offers you the best value. You can see what brands of e cigarettes consumer reports and other groups’ rate as the best electronic cigarettes to help you quit smoking on this page of our web site. You can also compare brands of non nicotine e cigarettes to make sure you are getting the best price and value.

I was a smoker for many years…I tried EVERYTHING…AND NOTHING WORKED. E cigarettes were the only option that has actually worked for me. I use e cigarettes as a substitute for real cigarettes when I get a craving.

Smoking is known to be one of the hardest habits to quit. Cigarette smoking cause’s chronic diseases due to the complex mixture of chemicals produced by the burning tobacco and it additives.
Some of these chemicals are cancerous and could cause heart and lung diseases. Cigarette smoke is also poisonous and endangers the people around a person who is smoking.

Every smoker is most likely aware of the dangers involved in smoking. Unfortunately, when one gets hooked on the habit, it is difficult trial to. The body craves nicotine and can make it difficult not to light up.

Many smokers have tried to engage in activities that could shift their minds from the thought of having a smoke, but well, we all know what happens when you try hard not to think of something, that thing will dominate your thoughts. And for you as smoker, it’s highly possible you’ll rush to have a smoke at this moment.

Why try non nicotine electronic cigarettes now?

What makes electronic cigarettes different from traditional cigarette is that when you are ‘ smoking ‘ an e-cigarette you don’t inhale smoke. You inhale a water vapor that contains flavor and nicotine.

When you first inhale a “flow censor” is activated and releases the water vapor that contains nicotine, and propylene glycol.

This means your nicotine cravings will be met without exposing your body to the hundreds of harmful chemicals found in a traditional cigarette.

The E-Cigarette has no pungent smell, making it easy for the smoker to smoke anywhere. You can get e cigs in LOTS of different flavors. If you are wondering what are some Flavors of electronic cigarettes without nicotine then follow the link for a list! Flavored electronic cigarettes with no nicotine are easy to find.

Many brands of e cigarettes offer a wide selection of nicotine free e cigarettes for those who are just looking to use their e cigs for fun, not to kick the habit.

One of the most common flavors in the menthol flavored e cigarettes. You can find menthol flavored electronic cigarette reviews on this site and you can select the best menthol flavored electronic cigarette if you are a menthol fan yourself!

7 common questions about e cigarettes answered!

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Are Electronic Cigarette Completely Safe?

If you are wondering if e cigarettes are safe you should follow this article . This is a great article about the safety of e cigarettes that will help you. I am not a doctor, and I do not give medical advice. However, I will offer you my personal opinion. E cigarettes worked for me. I used them as an alternative to smoking. When I would get a craving I would use e cigs instead of real cigarettes. I am willing to bet that using neither e cigarettes OR real cigarettes would probably be the best choice. But I must confess that I really love smoking. And I am not ready to give that up. I figure that e cigarettes are a safer way to smoke. I sometimes still use a real cig when I really need one. But for most occasions I am able to use my e cigarette to curb my craving.

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