Water vapor cigarettes with no nicotine

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I know you must be wondering if there is a difference between an electric cigarette and a water vapor cigarette.

The answer is No. They are the same :-}

An electric cigarette has three parts. These parts are an atomizer, a cartridge, and a battery. In some e cigs the cartridge is disposable and is known as the cartomizer.

In some units, the battery is rechargeable and they can be charged with an USB port.

What appears like cigarette smoke is actually water vapor that carries nicotine to the user.

The smoker is not in a health risk while smoking these water vapor cigarettes without nicotine and he still gets the satisfactory feeling without affecting the people around him.

There has been a lot of criticism about water vapor cigarettes with no nicotine and whether they really help in quitting the cigarette addiction.

This is because many people fail to know that there are water vapor electronic cigarettes that are available that contains Zero nicotine.

Will I still not get addicted to Water vapor cigarettes without Nicotine?

Nicotine Addiction is the core source of cigarette addiction. The level of nicotine in cigarettes is quite high and it has been researched that over the years there has been a regular increase of nicotine in cigarettes.

This has put smokers in higher rates of heart diseases, strokes and cancer.

Water vapor cigarettes without nicotine have come with most advantages including that the smoker can control the amount of nicotine he wants to inhale.

Vapor cigarettes are available in a variety of nicotine cartridge filters that have HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW and that have NO NICOTINE.

Amy Blackson
Amy Blackson

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